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Historical Sheppey (97k) Minster Abbey (94k) Minster Abbey gatehouse (116k) Isle of Grain (72k) Trinity Church (139k)
Capped well (197k) Wildlife on Sheppey (74k) Long tailed sheep (100k) Queenborough Hard (50k) Sheerness under snow (79k)
Sheerness clock tower (186k) Kingsferry Bridge (145k) Fortification at Garrison Point (76k) Harty Ferry Inn (168k) Queenborough Creek (129k)
SS Henry and Elizabeth (95k) Wind surfing at Sheerness (68k) Queenborough church (126k) Sea fortresses at Sheerness (80k) Aerial view of Kingsferry Bridge (103k)
Sheerness beach (67k)  Old Kingsferry Bridge (90k) Memorial Clock (32k) Sheerness Docks (43k) Figurehead (76k)
Floodwater, 1978 (72k) Flood, 1978 (32k) Monkey Farm Fire (37k) Queenborough Creek (84k) War Memorial (52k)

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